Who is ellephysio for?

ellephysio provides physiotherapy for patients on a spectrum of ability and age. Our clinic in Oakville especially welcomes women by considering our patients’ comfort with an inviting, understanding and accepting atmosphere. The ellephysio clinic delivers the optimum environment for patients to strengthen, heal and feel empowered.

ellephysio’s client focus flows into three core categories:

Athletic and Active

Activity can cause stress, strain and injury at any age. Our proactive techniques and positive communication has helped both serious athletes and active women of all ages with sports, dance or exercise related strain or injury. ellephysio welcomes active females of all ages, including pre-teens and teens. Our active patients find confidence from within through tailored treatments that often involve core exercises and a positive partnership with our physiotherapists.

Prenatal and Postnatal

Considering it a unique form of “physical activity”, ellephysio also helps women stride through healthy, comfortable pregnancies and overcome post- pregnancy related symptoms.

Some of the common conditions that were once considered an inevitable “part of pregnancy” are actually highly treatable with physiotherapy. Now women are talking about these commonalities and seeking treatment. Sore backs, hips and pubic bones during pregnancy, incontinence experienced postpartum, difficulty enjoying the activities you did before pregnancy, even sore shoulders from the strain of carrying toddlers as well as diagnosis and treatment for Diastasis Recti are just a few of the conditions ellephysio has helped women overcome and balance.

Common Aches & Pains

At every stage, our bodies are evolving and adjusting to the tasks we fulfill in our daily lives. These day-to-day movements can sometimes cause our bodies to stiffen or react painfully, regardless of age or level of fitness. These symptoms can occur due to an injury, illness, strain from repetitive movements, or an imbalance within the structures of our bodies.

With expert physiotherapy care and consideration, ellephysio has helped patients adapt, strengthen and heal. It is our goal to see each of our patients living happy, healthy and active lives, while diminishing pain and discomfort. To discover if ellephysio can help you move freely and confidently, contact the clinic today.

To find out more about the physiotherapy techniques and success stories that are at the core of this clinic, check out our blog, ellevate.

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